Welcome to Great Wolf Gallery - an art gallery on the wild side!

On April 21st 2014 it finally happened, the very first art tour at Easter in Vattholma!

We had advertised by putting up posters, putting advertising in postboxes, informed Destination Uppsala's website and info magazine, the website of Uppsalatidningen newspaper, and many other ways. On top of that we got some help from UpplandsNyheter newspaper, who wrote a whole page article about Great Wolf Gallery and the art tour, and an Uppsala newspaper that mentioned the art tour in an article about Uppland's art tour that Easter. Fun!

On the day we had perfect weather, sunny and warm! We had quite a lot of visitors, and were happy about that! We also learned some important lessons for a possible art tour next year.

Below is a list of the exhibitors and photos of their artwork:


1. Ulf Ericsson (flowers in oil)










2. Lars-Olov Karlsson (models, drawings and jewellery)









3. Ariel Thiger-Lindholm (acrylics and pencils, freely created artwork)









4. Emma Elliott (water colours from a fairy-tale)
















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Vattholma art tour at Easter